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The Tarn has carved Europe’s longest gorges into the Grands Causses de Lozère.

This enormous crevasse reaches 500 metres deep in some places and has been home for thousands of years to animals and plants that have become rare or even unique in today’s world.

Cataloguing the species would be a tedious task, as the list is long, but for many, these species in the Gorges du Tarn represent an exceptionally well-preserved biotope.

“Visiting the Gorges means entering an exceptional natural environment”.

The slow but unstoppable rural migration affecting the department of Lozère has had disastrous consequences on many levels, but it also represents an unexpected chance for delicate birds, such as kingfishers, short-toed eagles, and golden eagles.

Similarly, otters, beavers, and sheep continue to find spaces large enough for them to live in total freedom in this canyon forgotten by noise and industrialisation.

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